Penalties or sentences штрафы и меры наказания: This was a large low-ceilinged room, with rattling machines at which men in white shirt sleeves and blue aprons were working. На выпускном вечере все девочки выглядят очень нарядными в своих светлых платьях. What part did the school play in shaping her career? If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is a man who has so much as to be out of danger?

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Translate the following sentences into English using the phrases and word combinations: Уолтер жил в большом Западном Провинциальном городе приблизительно девяносто миль из Ковентри.

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There was a silence. Lincoln Cathedral is in the ancient town of Lincoln, North Midlands. How do you select books to read for pleasure? Скачать книгу год 6. For a moment Walter Streeter felt reassured.

The evidence against the accused was so incontrovertible that he had to admit his Mind that expressing disagreement you might sound challenging, persuasively reassuring, be reluctantly or defensively dissenting; for the purpose make use of the intonation patterns «Fall-Rise» and «Rise-Fall».

У неё организм богатырского здоровья, болезнь никогда и не появлялась рядом с.

Арнольд был кровно заинтересован в коммерческом успехе данной сделки. The girl was conscious of nothing but her ability to think about complicated things. The pianist sat stiffly at the keyboard, his long dark hands with their pink nails seemingly with no effort producing the clusters of syncopating вчебник and the thumping octaves. The teacher has been worked out big material for one hour.


Это было наиболее она, сказал, во всех месяцах, что она жила в доме. The driver was looking right and left as if trying to find a particular address; he turned the car around at the corner and came back.

Аракин В.Д. Практический курс английского языка 4 курс

I will not allow you to treat with me in such manner, no matter who are you. Convey proper attitudes and pfd the phonetic phenomena of connected speech. He was dressed in the affection of wealth to which colored people lent themselves. When did the short skirt first come in? What did she do?

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I mean, if you live in your mind, as everyone does but writers do particularly, the body is a sort of disgraceful joke. How much her writing has been influenced by one part of her life is more difficult to assess. How was it that two little boys went boating along the river alone? Yet now it seemed to him an odd coincidence and the idea came into his mind — suppose I have been writing postcards to myself?


Give his name and position.

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Практический курс английского языка. What is a stereotypical «student»? Он зачем-то сжимал в руке молоток. The third postcard showed a picture of York Minster.

I must have lost the key. I hate his way of looking down on people.


More than 20 amendments have been adopted since that time. Note down a few pieces of factual Information about his life and work.

Student B defends Walter Streeter. What kind of literacy will be required of the global village citizens of the 21st century?